※※ Important Notice ※※

Countries in which Anabolic products are illegal,

Please refrain from ordering from our web site


Purchase price 8,000 yen or more: Free shipping.

For less than 8,000 yen: Shipping fee 1,000 yen

※※ Purchase by minors and students ( unemployed persons ) is strictly prohibited.

Please check your e-mail address when ordering.

If you enter the information incorrectly, you may not receive payment confirmation emails.

If you want to use free email, Gmail is the best choice.

★ Regarding transfers.

If your bank uses 24-hour internet banking

Transfers can be made 24 hours a day, even on weekends and holidays.

Transfer confirmations are conducted from 3:00 pm every day ( excluding Sundays ).

★Post office fastening is also possible. *Please be sure to write the "post office name" .

If you wish to have it delivered to a post office, please enter the name of the nearest or convenient post office for pick-up.

Please write in the "Opinion column". It will be shipped by the post office.

*If you are concerned about knowing the contents (for example, if a family member opens the package without permission), we recommend that you secure it at the post office.

Basically, we treat it as a supplement so that the contents are not known.

★We also accept delivery time specifications.

Morning "9-12 o'clock" "12-14 o'clock" "14-16 o'clock" "16-18 o'clock" "18-20 o'clock" "19-21 o'clock"

Please write your desired delivery time in the "Comments" section.