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GA's Official Distribuyer | 日本で唯一

■ Once we accept your order, ADAMASESM will send you a reconfirmation email. If we have it in stock, we will ship it the same day, and if not, we can usually ship it to your home within a week.

In order to comply with Japan's Pharmaceutical Affairs Law when requesting agency services, you must agree to the following terms.

Prior to ordering products please read the following. In order to comply with the laws of Japan, you must click on “Agree” to proceed with your order:

Antes de ordenar productos pedidos, favor de leer lo siguiente: con el fin de cumplir con las leyes de Japón, debe hacer clic en "Agree" para proceder con su pedido:

I (the applicant) personally import products through ADAMASESM only for my own personal use.
I am familiar with the products that I personally import.
I am an adult and have a prescription from my doctor.
I will not hold ADAMASESM responsible for any side effects that occur to my body when I use products that I personally imported through ADAMASESM.

I understand what the products are that I am ordering/importing.
I am an adult and hold a valid Dr.'s prescription for the products.
These products are for my personal use only.
I understand that ADAMASESM is not responsible for any side effects that may occur when using these products and I agree to release ADAMASESM of any such responsibility.

Entiendo lo que son los productos que estoy ordenando / importando.
Soy un adulto y cuento con una receta válida del doctor para estos productos.
Estos productos son para mi uso personal únicamente.
Entiendo que ADAMASESM no es responsable de los posibles efectos secundarios que pueden ocurrir bajo el consumo de los mismos y me comprometo a no hacer responsable a ADAMASESM de cualquier eventualidad.